1. Noodles

He sneezed, head hitting the wall behind him. Outside, the rain poured heavily. He glared, as if he could change the weather.

Oh how he hated the rain, how he hated getting caught under the rain. He sneezed again, feeling as though his brain was coming out.

Tightening the blanket around him, he glared at the television where it was a commercial of children playing under the rain. It was as though they were mocking him, a grown man who got caught under the rain and ended up sick.

Damn it all.

Just then, something hot was placed in front of him – a bowl of hot noodles. He looked up, finding his sister, who smiled warmly at him. And then she left when at the sound of her children calling her name.

Turning back to the noodles, he eyed its yellow colored soup; with white substance he was sure is egg. Just the way they used to eat it. Leaning forward, he inhaled, mouthwatering at the aroma. He swore his sinuses cleared.

Although it was instant noodles, just the gesture brought a smile to his face. His sister was always looking out for him.

Taking the bowl in his hands, he slowly ate, body warming up in an instant.

Suddenly, there were cries of joy and a force crashing over him. Thankfully, he had finished his noodles. His niece and nephew swarmed over him, ignoring the fact that he was wet.

Laughing, he tackled the children, noting his sister’s happy gaze.

Okay, so he’ll take it back – rainy season wasn’t all that bad.


Author: alicemitch09

frustrated writer, person • INFJ

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