My two cents [of just about anything that is anything]

Okay, so I’m really not one to open my mouth to issues (big or small), but I can’t help it. Despite my training to be an apathetic woman – to be numb to everything that is anything in our society, to let them be for whatever helps them sleep at night – the urge to say something is strong in me. And so, here it goes:

  1. Ironic that when foreigners makes a joke about us Filipinos (about anything really), we all take a stand – Kababayan, eh. But find ourselves divided when we do it to our fellow Filipinos. Hey, it’s a joke, right? Can’t take a joke?
  2. Why must Imperial Manila question everything outside of themselves? Are they the only one who deserves the attention? Tangina, everything’s freaking there in that cramped region of yours! And still, you want more? Is it not enough? There are scenes in Visayas and Mindanao that matter more than your traffic situation! But our problems are nothing compared to yours, right?
  3. Yes, we probinsyanos are smart. Yes, we have civilization here – malls, museums, WI-FI, and a good sense of humor. Oh, and we’re Filipinos as well. And no, not all of us have farms. No, our Muslim brothers and sisters are not war freaks. No, we don’t sell our carabaos just to travel or get ourselves into the finest universities. Instead, we use our god given intellect fueled by the combined blood, sweat, and tears of our parents.
  4. What’s wrong with Bisaya people getting recognition? Are they inferior to change? Just because our President is bisaya, and the obvious reason that you all don’t like him, doesn’t mean you should involve us! And mind you, some of the greats and your favorite people hail from Visayas and Mindanao.
  5. Many have said it, but I’ll say it again: THE REASON WHY OUR COUNTRY ISN’T PROGRESSING IS BECAUSE CLOSE-MINDED PEOPLE LIKE YOU EXIST. Our heroes didn’t die for selfish people like you, to look down on your fellow Filipinos just because you live on different islands and live different lives. Unless, of course, you care about being a Filipino at all.
  6. Ironic that foreigners care more for what’s happening in Visayas and Mindanao compared to our fellowmen. Only then will we care when what’s happening goes viral or hits the international scene. Do yourselves a favor and reassess yourselves as Filipinos.


This may or may not be a thing. I didn’t want to, but I did. Someone’s gotta say something. And though I wanted to say more, everything I’ve said here is more than enough and should speak volumes.

As much as it’s fun being a spectator to people running their dumb beliefs and ideals, – poisoning the minds of innocent audiences, on social media, I don’t want that.

Dear Filipinos, remember what Benigno Aquino said, “The Filipinos are worth dying for” and he meant every. Single. Filipino. Also, Dr. Jose Rizal said a lot of things about us, Filipinos, even when he was but a young child.  He believed that there was hope for us – all of us, so long as we stand as one.